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      we do not get paid to attend many of the events we attend, for 2018 we are considering introducing a milage charge to cover at least our fuel costs for coming along.

if you are holding an out door event such as a gala, fete, or show we can provide a large display of at least ten birds varying from small owls to large falcons, buzzards and for 2017 an eagle and a turkey vulture, the larger the space provided the more birds we can bring.

for schools, nursing homes, weddings, brownies, birthday parties and similar bookings we usually bring between 4 and 6 different owls, the hawks buzzards etc can be requested.

we have an excellent team of of birds who are all trained to work with people of all ages and abilities, they are trained to the best of their ability-each of them with their own individual personality ranging from cheeky to grumpy.

each of our displays is primarily to educate and inform, we are always happy to answer questions and indeed listen to anything you have to say -we even learn a few things from many who visit our displays. our birds are never at any time unattended and we provide a visible barrier to prevent anyone just wandering up to them without permissions.

for any event/club organiser peace of mind we carry our own public liability insurance, with us on the day and always happy to forward a copy in advance of any event, along with a risk assessment.

we offer the opportunity for anyone to hold any of our specially trained birds and have their photograph taken, (this incurrs a small fee which helps us raise our finances) using either our instant camera, or using their own camera.