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2WIT 2WOO are based within the lovely setting of the cairngorm mountains offering help and rehabilitation to any wild bird or indeed any one we can help.

Our project began many years ago with a love and fascination for animals and birds, jeff began helping birds when he was very young and myself (patricia) took a keen interest and took advantage of an opportunity to rescue a kestrel when i was 12. 

Although we have always had this interest and done so for many years it is in recent years that people have come to rely on us or bring birds to us for help. Although we have a great deal of experience we never ever say we know everything there is to know, we heed our vets advice and work with defra, spca and animal welfare to ensure quality of life and agreed opinions.

We have always kept rescued animals such as dogs and cats and expanding into the birds was a large step and we took advantage of all the help we could get from the afore mentioned parties.

Beginning with just one or two birds we slowly built up a collection of many unwanted, mistreated and disabled birds, birds came and still come to us for many different reasons-many of which we struggle to understand ourselves. we do what we can to help them and re release them wherever possible -this can be quite emotional. If a bird cannot be helped then sadly euthanasia is the only option-but always the very last.

We always also insist on a quality varied diet for each and every one in our care and source our food from reputable and reliable sources buying in bulk once a month. we buy in rabbits,venison, hare, pheasants, day old chicks, quail and mice. more of which you can find on our this may offend page - though please do not look if you easily offended or squeamish, we are feeding birds of prey and nothing is ever fed to them alive. 

We have for a few years now had many requests to open to the public, but sadly due to financing and many of the regulations our premises are not suitable, and we decided if the public wish to see our birds then we could take our birds to them, we do not display any injured or physically disabled birds for obvious reasons - we think it would be unfair on them and yourselves.

We do train our birds ourselves- every one of us mentioned play a part in this programme from the collection of food, to the preparation of food, the feeding of the birds, the cleaning, building and rehabilitating there is always something to do and very few days off, we make every effort we can to keep every one healthy and happy spending every day with our display team talking to them and handling them.

Not all our birds are trained for display work, we have of course those in our care waiting to be released-i hope to update these regularly on the website and those who cannot be released as they would be unable to survive in the wild ie-damaged wing or damaged leg. these birds are microchipped and either rehomed or entered into a breeding programme.

We are very proud to say we are a family run unit with jeff , doreen , myself (patricia) my brother chance and the youngest falconer/bird handler in the uk at the age of four willoe downie. we also have a couple of non family volunteers who help out when they can.